Welcome to Infinite Canvas

Our vision is to generate joy through intentional, collaborative and ethical services and products.

We bring quality, original ideas to the market to make people happier and more productive. And we’re inviting YOU to co-create with us!

We work on the principles of:

  • Good and Success for all
  • Genuine partnerships
  • Collective intelligence
  • Abundance thinking
  • Consideration of economic, environmental, social impacts of activities

There are two parts of this business currently underway.

The first is an infinite T-shirt and giftware retail presence. Our original artwork T-shirts are made through ethical manufacturing including sweat-shop free and organic fabrics.  They are beautiful, original, quality garments for every day.


You can find out more about the products through the online shop and our Facebook page.



We also offer professional workshop and services to enhance a positive organisational culture in the workplace, promoting self-management and team work.

Infinite Canvas workshops and services

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